Whiteline rear anti-roll bar (adjustable)

While I was replacing the rear shocks and springs, I had to cut the anti-roll bar (ARB) links. Since I needed new links, I also replaced the stock ARB with an adjustable ARB from Whiteline:

  • Whiteline rear anti-roll bar (adjustable) - BTR29Z
  • Toyota Link assy, rear stabilizer bar (2x) - 48830-20010

The Whiteline rear ARB is thicker than stock (20 mm in stead of 17 mm) and it's adjustable. You can choose from three settings: soft (+56% stiffer), medium (+92%), and hard (+133%).

The Whiteline ARB

The ARB comes with polyurethane bushings

While replacing the shocks and springs I've installed the ARB with the bushings and new links.

Installed the ARB

The improved handling is amazing: the car corners sharper with much greater speeds! Due to the ARB, understeer is reduced to zero.