KYB shock absorbers, TRD top mounts and springs

The front left spring was broken, so I decided to replace all springs, shocks and top mounts. For the shocks I've used KYB Excel G's, for the springs and top mounts I went for TRD. Here's a list of the parts I've used:

  • KYB Excel G front shock absorber left - 331018
  • KYB Excel G front shock absorber right - 331019
  • KYB Excel G rear shock absorber left - 334127
  • KYB Excel G rear shock absorber right - 334128
  • TRD top mounts front - 48609-ST000 (x2)
  • TRD top mount rear left - 48071-ST001
  • TRD top mount rear right - 48072-ST001
  • TRD springs - 48130-ST021

The KYB shock absorbers are the same as Toyota uses, except they have a KYB sticker in stead of Toyota one. The TRD top mounts are made from stiffer rubber, this should provide a better steering response. The TRD springs are stiffer (Front K=43.1N/mm, Rear K=38.2N/mm) and lower the car by 25 mm.

The complete set

When replacing the shocks and springs I've also replaced the insolators, spring bumps, etc. To replace the shock, springs, etc, just use the Toyota Service manual found under multimedia. Here are some pictures of the installation:

Installed spring and top mount on the front shock absorber

Installed the front set

Installed spring and top mount on the rear shock absorber

Installed the rear set

Together with the shocks/springs I've installed a Whiteline rear anti-roll bar. The improved handling is amazing: the car corners sharper with much greater speeds!

The end result