Clear indicators

Installed: November 10, 2006

I didn't like the orange indicator very much so via a groupbuy of the Toyota Celica Club Nederland message board I've bought some clear ones. They groupbuy came from, the only company that makes them.

The original orange indicators

The original orange indicators and the clear part

Remove the incators from the bumper by removing the screw. To remove the orange part of the indicator it has to be heated to about 100 degrees Celsius. I've put them in the oven for 5 minutes at 130 degrees.

The orange indicators in the oven

Remove the glass part with a screw driver or something.

The orange part removed

I've painted the edge of the new glass black for a better result

Painted the edge

Use some new sealing compound (like Bison kit) to install the new glass.

Everything back together

Install the indicators back in the front bumper, use orange bulbs for an orange indicator color.

The clear indicators installed

To make it complete I've also ordered s pair of side clear indicators.

The clear side and front indicators

Update february 21, 2009

The GT-Four bumper has different indicators than the ST202 / AT200, so I've ordered another set from Protocast in the UK. Upon arrival I've painted the edge black once again.

The edge painted black

Then I've put the indicators in the oven to meld the glue.

The indicators in the oven

Pull the orange part of and install the clear with some sealing compound.

The clear glass installed with Dumdum sealing compound

Install the indicators in the front bumper.

The clear indicators installed

For the light bulbs you can use a pair of orange or chrome bulbs