Cleaned intercooler

In the turbocharger setup, the intercooler cools down the hot air from the turbocharger. This is to gain more horsepower since cold air has more oxygen in it than warm air.

The turbocharger setup

The intercooler system

The intercooler uses water to cool down the core. The water is warmed up by the air from the turbochager (and the air is cooled down), the warm water is pumped threw the heat exchanger (radiator) in the front and is cooled down again.

The top mounted intercooler

The inside of the intercooler can get quite dirty, so if you haven't done so yet it might be a good time to clean it. To do this drain the intercooler coolant by removing the drain cock in the heat exchanger. Unbolt the three bolts that hold down the intercooler and unscrew the clamps. Remove the two hoses on the left side. Remove the intercooler, turbo side first. Close of the inlet and the blow-off valve opening with a bag or something. Poor petrol in the intercooler and shake it some time. Drain the petrol. Repeat this proces until the petrol is clean. Install everything in reverse order.