TRD grooved brake discs front

Part no.: 43512-ST010 (right), 43516-ST010 (left)
Installed: March 24, 2009

To gain some more brake power, I've decided to upgrade the stock brake discs to ones from TRD. The TRD discs have four grooves to keep the pads in optimum condition and to help cool the discs better. Off course the discs are also vented to keep them cool. The discs show a lot less fading then the standard ones, so the discs are highly recommended especially in combination with the TRD black brake pads.

The TRD brake discs

To install the discs first remove the wheels and remove the pins and clamps and pull out the brake pads. Push in the brake pistons. Unbolt the caliper by loosening the two bolts on the back of the caliper. Do not disconnect the brake line. When the caliper is out of the way you can easily replace the disc with the new one. Clean the disc with some brake cleaner and install the caliper back, torque the bolts to 107 Nm. Now put some copper grease on the back of the pads where they hit the pistons and install them in reverse order of removal. Torque the wheel nuts to 103 Nm.

The TRD brake discs installed

I've installed the discs together with the TRD brake pads for the best brake performance. Keep in mind to brake in the discs (and pads) for the first 500 to 750 kilometers.