TRD Fast Road brake pads front

Part no.: 04491-JA830
Installed: March 24, 2009

To gain some more brake power, I've decided to upgrade the stock brake pads to ones from TRD. TRD fabricates pads in two compounds: black or red. Black pads ar for fast road applications and red is for track use. The black pads have excellent cold response and have good resistence against fading. The pads give a very linear deceleration, so the pads are highly recommended especially in combination with the TRD slit brake rotors.

The TRD black brake pads

Installation of the pads is pretty straight forward: remove the wheels, remove the pins and clamps and pull out the old pads. Push in the brake pistons. Put some copper grease on the back of the pads where they hit the pistons and install them in reverse order of removal. Torque the wheel nuts to 103 Nm.

The TRD pads installed

As you can see I've installed the pads together with the TRD brake discs. Keep in mind to brake in the pads (and discs) for the first 500 to 750 kilometers.