Maintenance executed: January 29, 2009
Parts needed:

  • Thermostat, part no.: 90916-03100
  • Gasket thermostat, part no.: 16346-32010

While driving the car the engine didn't warm up. The water temperature gauge didn't move above cold. Whilst standing still with the engine running, the engine did warm up, but after starting to drive it cooled down again. Conclusion: the thermostat isn't closing fully anymore. Time to replace it.

The thermostat is located in the water inlet from the radiator to the water pump on the right hand side (sitting in the car) of the engine.

The thermostat is in the water inlet from the radiator.

First drain the coolant from the radiator (you'll need to remove the right under panel). Remove the bolt from the oil dipstick and put the dipstick out of the way. Remove the radiator hose. Unbolt the two nuts and remove the water inlet and the thermostat from the water pump.

The water inlet removed

The rubber sealing of my thermostat had come undone and prevented the spring from closing the valve. Install a new gasket to the thermostat and install everything in reverse order of removal.

The old and new thermostat.

Fill the radiator with coolant. Start the engine with the radiator cap off, add coolant if the level drops. Check for leaks. Do this untill the fans operate; the engine is than warmed up. Close the radiator cap and add coolant in the reserve tank to max. Drive around a bit and check if the radiator is still full. Notice: open the radiator cap with a towel or something, the coolant will be hot!