Spark plugs

Maintenace executed: Every 100.000 km
Parts needed:

  • Denso PK20R8, part no.: 90919-01180

Every 100.000 km the spark plugs need to be replaced. Toyota uses platinum spark plugs, so they are prety expensive. If you use elevated boost pressure on your engine, it might be a good idea to use a colder grade spark plug to prevent detonation. Replace all four spark plugs at once.

The spark plugs

The spark plugs are connected via the high-tension cords to the distributor. Here is where the plugs are located on the 3S-GE engine:

Location of the spark plugs

And a close-up

Remove the three bolt and pull the high-tension cord at the rubber boot, not the wire. Pulling the wire might damage the conductor inside. Use a socket wrench with extention bar and a sprak plug remover socket to remove the spark plugs

Socket wrench with extention bar and spark plug socket

Installation is in reverse order of removal. Torque the spark plugs to 18 Nm.

Old and new spark plugs

After changing the spark plugs the engine will probably be smoother running.