Rear brakes

Maintenance executed: March 22, 2009
Parts needed:

  • Set of two brake discs
  • Set of brake pads
  • Set of brake shoes (parking brake)

The rear brakes were worn so I've decided to replace everthing, discs, pads and shoes. I've decided to go for Nipparts, OEM Toyota parts in a different box, but a lot cheaper.

The new rear brake parts

The drum part of the rear brake discs always tends to rust quickly, so I've painted them with black Hammerite anti-corrosion paint to prevent rusting.

Painting the rear brake discs

After drying for a day it was time to replace the rear brakes. Jack the car up and put it on axle stands. Remove the rear wheels.

The rear wheel removed

Unbolt the brake line support on shock absorber. Remove the installation bolt of the brake caliper and open it. Remove the old pads. Unbolt the to mounting bolts of the torque plate and remove it. Remove the brake disc.

Disc and caliper removed

Turn the adjuster at the bottom fully in. Using needle-nose pliers remove the two shoe return springs. Remove shoe strut with spring. Slide out the front shoe and remove the shoe adjustor. Disconnect the tension spring and remove the front shoe. Slide out the rear shoe. Remove the tension spring from the rear shoe. Disconnect the parking brake cable from the parking brake shoe lever. Remove the shoe hold-down spring cups, springs and pins.

Old brake shoes removed

Install everything in reverse order of removal. Use copper grease for all moving parts. Adjust the adjuster so that the disc fits just over the shoes.

The new parking brake shoes installed

The new rear brake installed

To brake in the new parking brake shoes drive about 50 km/h and pull the hand brake gently for 10 seconds. Repeat this three times. Adjust the hand brake lever in the car by removing the center console and adjustint the nut and lock nut till you hear 5-8 clicks untill fully engaging the parking brake. Keep in mind to brake in the pads and discs for the first 500 to 750 kilometers.