Maintenance executed: March 07, 2009
Parts needed:

  • Radiator assembly, part no.: 16400-7A080

Due to the dry and hot climate in most of Japan the radiator wears out rather quickly. The plastic tank on the top starts to have very little cracks and after some time it cracks open. You'll see a lot of steam coming from underneath the hood. Than it's time to replace the radiator.

Because the original radiator for the ST205 isn't manufactured anymore by Toyota, they've replaced it with the radiator of the ST204 with auto transaxle (part no.: 16400-7A070). This is basically the same radiator, but it has extra pipe work for the auto transmission cooler. This is closed of with two rubber plugs.

The new radiator

Notice the extra pipe work on the bottom

Now it's still nice and clean

The old radiator leak right next tot radiator cap. When the radiator is starting to be green/yellow-ish it probably is going to break down soon.

The leak on the old radiator

Removing the old radiator is not very hard: Remove the right under panel. Drain the coolant by removing the white plastic drain cock. Catch the fluid in a container. Open de radiator cap to speed this process up a bit. Remove three connectors, one to each fan and one to the water temp sensor. BTW: you'll only have one fan if you don't have airconditioning. Remove the two rad hoses and remove the two supports. Now pull the radiator up.

The old radiator is out

Switch the two (or one) fan(s) and the water temp sensor over to the new redaitor. Installation is in reverse order of removal.

The new radiator installed

Fill the radiator with coolant. Start the engine with the radiator cap off, add coolant if the level drops. Check for leaks. Do this untill the fans operate; the engine is than warmed up. Close the radiator cap and add coolant in the reserve tank to max. Drive around a bit and check if the radiator is still full. Notice: open the radiator cap with a towel or something, the coolant will be hot!

The new radiator installed

Enjoy the new radiator.