Engine oil and oil filter

Maintenance executed: Every year
Parts needed:

  • Engine oil 10W40 API Grade SG or SH
  • Engine oil filter, part no.: 90915-YZZJ2
  • Drain bolt gasket, part no.: 90430-12031

Every 10 - 15.000 km or every year the engine oil and filter need to be replaced. Use a good brand 10W40 half-synthetic oil. You can also use full synthetic oil if this has been used before, otherwise don't, it might clog up in the engine.

Change the oil while the engine is hot, so the oil is thinner. Lift up the car and put it on jack stands.

The car lifted up and put on jack stands

Remove the right plastic under panel by unbolting the eight bolts (six underneath and two behind the wheel.

Remove the under panel

Unbolt the drain bolt, its located on the back of the oil carter. Keep a container ready to drain the oil in. Remove the oil filter using a clamp or buy (like I did) the special tool from Toyota: 09228-06500. Great tool, but a bit expensive. Keep the container ready to catch the oil.

The oil filter

When the oil stops dripping out bolt the drain bolt with a new gasket to 37 Nm. Put some engine oil on the rubber seal of the new filter and tighten it by hand untill it touches the seat of the filter mounting. Then turn the filter 3/4 to tighten it.

The oil filler cap

Put in the new oil. For drain and refill w/ oilfilter change use 4,5 lites. For drain and refil w/o oil filter change use 4.0 liter for the 3S-G(T)E engine. Check if the oil level is just beneath the F mark on the dipstick.