Fuel Filter

Maintenance executed: Every 80.000 km
Parts needed:

  • Fuel filter, part no.: 23300-79425

The fuel filter filters the fuel before it goes to the fuel rail. When time passes the filter contains more and more debris, so every 80.000 km it has to be replaced. Fuel quality is pretty high, so the filter isn't replaced very often.

The fuel filter

The part of Toyota consist of the filter, a bracket and two gaskets. The fuel filter is located behind the air filter box on the left side of the enginebay. First remove the air filter box.

Location of the fuel filter

To remove the fuel filter undo the union bolt that connects the fuel filter to the fuel line. Keep a rag ready to catch the fuel that comes out.

Removed the fuel line

Unbolt the bracket and remove it from the car.

Bracket removed

Remove the filter from the fuel line using a 14 mm and 19 mm spanner. This is a bit tricky, because there's very little workspace.

Removed the fuel filter

The new and old filter

Installing is in reverse order of removal. Torque the union bolt to 29 Nm.

The new filter installed

Connect in the check connector the terminals Fp and B+ with a paperclip or something. Turn the ignition switch to ON. You can now hear the fuel pump operating. Check for leaks at the fuel filter. If not, remove the paperclip and job done.