Front brake lines

Maintenance executed: March 22, 2009
Parts needed:

  • Gasket, brake line, Part no.: 47389-30010 (x4)
  • Flexible brake line, outer, RH, Part no.: 90947-02845
  • Flexible brake line, outer, LH, Part no.: 90947-02846
  • Flexible brake line, inner, RH, Part no.: 90947-02843
  • Flexible brake line, inner, LH, Part no.: 90947-02844
  • Metal middle section RH, Part no.: 47319-20170
  • Metal middle section LH, Part no.: 47219-20180

The front brake lines were a failure for the Dutch APK, so I replaced them. The lines consist of three parts; two flexible parts, and a metal center section. I've replaced all the parts.

The new brake lines

During the swap to the 3S-GTE engine, one of the front metal brake lines was damaged. I've temporary replaced it with a copper one, but since the brake fluid had to come out I've replaced this line as well.

The old copper line

Jack the car up and put it on axle stands. Remove the front wheels. Remove the union bolt the connects the brake line to the caliper. Catch the brake fluid in a container. Pump the brake pedal a few times to drain the fluid. Loosen the 10 mm nut of the brake line in the top of the wheel arch. Remove the two bolts, the bolt on the strut and the clamp. Now you can remove the brake line.

The old brake lines removed

Installation is in reverse order of removal.

The new brake line for right front

The new lines installed

Bleed the brake system. Connect a vucuum hose to the bleed nipple and put the hose in a jar with brake fluid. Have some one depress the pedal a few times and than hold it. Open the bleed nipple to let the air out. Close the nipple and repeat the procedure untill you can see no more bubbles. I always take the car to a shop to have them bleed the system again professionally and replace the brake fluid at the same time.