Distributor cap and rotor

Maintenance executed: November 22, 2008
Parts needed:

  • Distributor cap, part no.: 19101-88460
  • Distributor rotor, part no.: 19102-74040
  • Dust cover distributor, part no.: 19127-74040
  • Oil seal, distributor, part no.: 90099-14090

The engine seemed to be loosing revs when the engine was cold and idling. Sometimes during acceleration the engine lost power. This can be caused by a worn distributor cap and rotor. If they don't make good contact the spark isn't strong enough to ignite the air-fuel mixture.

The new parts

The distributor is located left to the intercooler (seen from inside the car).

Location of the distributor

I've combined the replacement of the dizzy cap and rotor with the lagging (cleaning) of the intercooler. It can be done without removing the intercooler, but it's hard to get to than. To remove the distributor remove the four high-tension cords, the igniter cord and the two bolts. Pull the distributor out.

The distributor removed

Unbolt the two bolt of the cap and remove it, then unbolt the two screws of the rotor and remove it. Install the new rotor and cap with the new dust cover. Align the cutout portion of the coupling with the mark on the housing. Put some oil on the new oil ring and install it. Then install the distibutor, if it doesn't fit, turn the coupling 180 degrees. Install the two bolt but don't tighten them yet.

The distributor with new cap and rotor

Install the high-tension cords and igniter cord (and the intercooler w/ coolant if you've removed it). Connect terminal TE1 and E1 in the check connector, start the engine. Check with a timing gun if the ignition is at 10 BTDC, if not adjust the distributor accordingly. If it's ok torque the bolts to 39 Nm.