Maintenance executed: November 12, 2007
Parts needed:

  • Battery, 28800-YZZAE

The battery provides power to the car when, the engine isn't running. Older batteries need to be refilled with distilled water, there should be a level indicator on the side of the battery. New batteries are maintenance free, so they don't need to be refilled.

After some time my car had problems with starting and it sometimes forgot my radio channels. I had the battery measured and it was off spec, so I decided to install a new one. By the way, also always check the voltage of the alternator, if the battery isn't good, the alternator might be the cause. In my case the alternator was fine: 13,9 Volts

Specs for a sufficient battery: 12 Volt, 65 Ah and 250 Amps.

The old battery

To remove the battery, remove the clamp and the two wires, negative terminal first.

The new battery

The car starts fine again, and it should for the next 3 years at least. There's three year warranty on Toyota batteries.