Drive shaft boots and center bearing

Maintenance executed: June 20, 2008
Parts needed:

  • Bootkit LH, part no.: 04438-20210
  • Bootkit RH, part no.: 04438-20190
  • Center bearing drive shaft RH, part no.: 90363-41001
  • Center bearing bracket drive shaft RH, part no.: 43457-20050
  • Snap ring, center bearing, part no.: 90521-78002
  • Bolt center bearing, part no.: 90119-10461

The boots were worn and the center bearing made an irritating noise betwee 3000-3500 rpm so they were all replaced. In this case I've just removed the drive shafts and I had the replacement of the bearing and the boots done by a Toyota dealer. By the way, the above mentioned part numbers are only for the ST202 w/ super strut suspension

The new and old center bearing bracket

To remove the drive shafts first put the car on jack stands and remove the front wheels. Drain transaxle fluid. Remove the cotter pin and the lock nut cap.

The cap on the drive shaft nut

Have some one depress the brakes and loosen the lock nut. Disconnect the tie rod end by removing the nut and remove the steerring link. Now remove the three bolts underneath the axle carrier, the nut of the suspension arm, the nut of the stabilizer bar link (hold with a hexagon wrench if the center section turns). Use a hammer to remove the drive shaft from the axle carrier.

For left: use a screwdriver to remove the drive shaft from the differential. For right: remove the bolt of the center bearing bracket, remove the snap ring and then remove the RH drive shaft.

At this point I brought the drive shafts to the workshop and had them replace the boots and center bearing

New boots and center bearing

Installation is in reverse order of removal, use the following torque specifications:

  • Bearing bracket x engine block: 64 Nm
  • Bolt x bearing bracket: 32 Nm
  • Axle carrier x lower arm connection: 108 Nm
  • Camber arm: 172 Nm
  • Stabilizer bar link: 64 Nm
  • Tie rod end x axle carrier: 49 Nm
  • Lock nut: 226 Nm
  • Wheel nuts: 103 Nm

Fill transaxle with fluid (3,5 liter SAE-89 75W90 full synthetic gear box oil). Make sure the car is horizontal. When the oil starts dripping out it's ok. Take the car for a drive and check for noises.