Auto Antenna

Maintenance executed: August 31, 2007
Parts needed:

  • Antenna, part no.: 86337-2B200

My auto antenna wasn't coming up anymore. The antenna has a cord attached to it, which is wind up by a motor. After time passes the cord may brake causing a malfunctioning antenna.

The new antenna

The antenna is located behind the left boot trim. To gain access to the antenna the rear and left trim needs to be removed.

Location of the antenna

Remove the three plastic screws at the bottom of the rear trim panel and the two clips at either top side. Than remove the left panel by removing one plastic screw at the left bottom, two metal srews behind the rear seats. Pull to remove the panel and disconnect the connector to the light.

The antenna assembly

Disconnect the connector, antenna cable and the water drain tube. Remove the chrome ring on top of the antenna and remove the nut. Than remove the antenna.

The antenna assembly removed

If the cord is broken you can only remove it by opening the assembly. First remove the bracket and relais by removing the four screws

The bracket and relais removed

Open the house by removing the four srews and remove the remainder of the cord.

The plastic cord is coming out

Now install everything in reverse order of removal, without the new antenna and cord, back in the car. Grease the antenna and cord and put it in the housing. Turn the radio on and off, the antenna assembly will now eat the new cord. You might have to do this a couple of times to full retract the antenna.

The new antenna installed.

Install the chrome ring and don't forget to connect the water drain tube.