Welcome to Celica GT.nl

This website is all about my 1998 Toyota Celica GT-Four. Here you'll find information about this famous model, photos, the modifications I've done to it, something about maintaining the car and the LHD conversion that's currently taking place.
Before the GT-Four I had another Celica, a 1994 GT (ST202). Some parts of this site contain information about that model, most of it is also applicable to the GT-Four.

Some parts of the website are still in Dutch and have the former layout. If you're looking for the old website in Dutch, you can find it here.

Latest updates:

KYB shock absorbers, TRD top mounts and springs
The shock aborbers, top mounts and springs have been replaced on all four corners

Whiteline rear anti-roll bar (adjustable)
The rear anti-roll bar has been replaced with a Whiteline adjustable bar.

LHD Conversion
I've updated the LHD Conversion part of this website with some new photos. I'll add text later this year.

Older updates:

A new website, now in English. To make this website better accessible to foreign visitors I've decided to continue Celica GT.nl in English.

The guestbook is online again. This time with adverts, but without spam.

New car: 1998 Celica GT-Four
After a long search I finally found a Celica GT-Four that I liked. Now it's time to convert to LHD.

Mods: TRD grooved brake discs front
In order to gain some extra brake force, the discs on the front have been replaced with TRD discs.

Mods: TRD Fast Road brake pads front
In order to gain some extra brake force, the pads on the front have been replaced with TRD "black" ones.

Maintenance: Radiator replacement
After steam came from under the bonnet is was time to replace the radiator

Photos previous car: Celica GT-Turbo
Some pictures of my previous Celica, a 1994 GT (ST202) swapped to the 3S-GTE engine.

Mods: Clear indicators (Update February 21st, 2009)
I've replaced the orange indicators with some far better looking clear ones.

Maintenance: Thermostate replacement
The enigine wasn't warming up properly, so the thermostate has been replaced with a brand new one.

Maintenance: Replacement of distributor cap and rotor
After replacement of distributor cap and rotor the engine is better running.